1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
    cd doodle-dashboard
  2. Create a development environment

    tox is used to create our project’s virtual environment:

    pip3 install tox
    # Creates virtual environments listed in tox.ini
    # Activates the virtual environment in your shell
    source .tox/py37/bin/activate

    Alternatively you can install the dependencies outside of a virtual environment:

    make dev export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`

  3. Test that the environment is setup:

    python doodledashboard/

ImportError: No module named

If you keep getting the ImportError when building the project then check that you haven’t already installed the application via pip, if you have then you might be pulling in the doodle dashboard classes from your local pip packages instead of from the project folder.

Remove the library with:

sudo rm -rf /Library/Python/3.6/site-packages/doodledashboard/